Crunch Fitness iOS App [UX Case Study]

Research • Competitor Analysis • Visual Identity• Wireframing • Prototyping



Userflow and Wireframe

Based on existing flow, usability testing and research findings, I started ideating different design.

Competitor Analysis

I downloaded and viewed other leading gym fitness app, such as, Planet Fitness, 24 Hours Fitness, LA fitness and Gold’s Gym. 

UI Design Moodboard

As searching for ideal design and concept, I looked at Apple’s Music, Fitbit, App Store and PayPal.


Good examples for strong branding and careful selected color palette in app UI design.

All screens should feature rounded icons and using a primary color for active buttons.

Typography Research

Visually strong typeface design, good legibility

Avoiding different types of typography

Typeface should support the app’s overall concept

Home Screen

Collective View Buttons:

  • Progress
  • Classes
  • Reservations
  • Locations


  • Check In

Progress Screen

Status icon bar to see the days of workout within a week.

Log your workouts, reps and sets.

Classes Screen

Check current and future classes by date, instructor or classes. Once clicked, it will direct to reservations.

Reservations Screen

List of class reservations with the time, class and instructor.

Locations Screen

View and search locations around your area and set them as favorite.

New Features

  • Customize profile and profile picture.
  • Push notifications for upcoming classes and other products and services.
  • FAQ’s

Learning Experience

Redesigning an app is not easy at all. I had a lot of things to take into consideration, such as, the company’s mission

statement, existing userflow and the users. I learned how integral research and validation was to my 

design process, and to test and empathize with the user.

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